Planning & consulting

  • Does the consulting service for a training camp cost anything?

  • What information do you need to prepare a quote?

  • How long does it take to receive an offer?

  • How long is a quote valid? Is the offer binding?

  • Why is an airline ticket cheaper if I book for myself than if we book for 25 people? Don't airlines offer group discounts?

  • Where can I find the cancellation conditions?


  • By when do we have to book at the latest?

  • What information is necessary for booking a training camp?

  • What is the booking procedure?

  • By when must the training camp be paid?

  • Do persons travelling as supporters, accompanying persons or sponsors receive reductions?

  • Should a consent form be carried for underage participants?

Travel preparation

  • By when do you need the names and details of the participants?

  • Until when can we change the names or participants?

  • Is there a refund if a participant cancels?

  • Why do I have to communicate the meal times in the questionnaire before departure?

  • Can we also have our rooms assigned upon arrival?

  • When do I get my travel documents?

  • Where can I get information about the entry formalities?

  • Can I travel without a passport?

During the training camp

  • Will we be met at the airport on arrival?

  • Will we also be picked up if we did not book the flights with you?

  • Who is our contact person on site?

  • What happens if we do not keep the meal times reported in the questionnaire?

  • Where can I see which services are included in my training camp package? 

  • Can I also book excursions/activities on site?

  • Is the transfer included if a participant arrives later or leaves earlier?

  • Do we have to keep to the room allocation as we reported it with the list of participants before departure?

  • Do we have to bring the training material, linen and balls ourselves?

  • What kind of footballs do you provide?

  • Is it possible to spontaneously change the training time on site?

  • What about the cabin use?

  • Where can I get the linen, balls and training aids that are included in the offer?

  • Will the friendly matches be officiated by one referee or a trio of referees?

  • Am I entitled to a friendly match in any case?

  • What happens if the friendly match opponent cancels at short notice or we want to cancel?

After training camp

  • Where can I report a complaint?

  • Where can I report my feedback on the training camp?

  • If a participant did not attend, is it enough if we inform you after our return? Will there be a refund?

  • I forgot something in the hotel. How can I get it back?

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